San Diego SmartCity Hackathon




The Silent Intelligence is very proud to be organizing this event together with the UCSD Center for Wireless Communications and the team at the City of San Diego.

What makes it unique?

The goal of the hackathon is to help the City of San Diego deliver on the Climate Action Plan. The challenges of the hackathon are aligned with the goals of the CAP, such as increase in climate resiliency, higher energy efficiency, zero waste, more renewable energy sources and more transit vs. cars in the city.

In addition, the City is sharing actual city data with the participants so that they can develop solutions and prototypes using actual data.

Finally, we plan to carry forward the best ideas, solutions and prototypes that are going to emerge from the smartcityhackathon. The Hackathon will kick-off a larger smart city innovation program: organizers plan to continue funding, mentoring, developing and implementing the best ideas and solutions for the City.

You can learn more and apply to attend at – it will take place on May 20-22 at the UCSD Faculty Club in La Jolla.

Look forward to seeing you at the hackathon!

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